Massage Mondays

Massage Mondays you can book a massage with Tobi at Bodywise Massage, Inc from 8:00 am -6:00 pm. Enjoy a therapeutic session, a relaxing retreat, or an educational massage where you learn through receiving. 60 and 90 min sessions available. 



The Wholeself Health Approach has been developed to create optimal function in your body through root-issue exploration. We will dig to find the root through various means such as special orthopedic tests, range of motion optimization, functional mobility assessments, and recorded notes that both you and your practitioner will view regularly.

We utilize the FMS in our approach to assess potential injuries, areas of growth, as well as strong links in the kinetic chain. The FMS kit offers measurable results when performing range of motion exercises. With these results we can provide you with very specific stretches and exercises to improve your mobility, strength, stability, and agility.