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Entry: Receiving

Massage therapy is an ever-expansive experience. It is an unraveling process both for the bodyworker and the recipient. What we, as MT’s, bring to the table today might be vastly different tomorrow. And, yet, somehow, that fact does not detract from today’s massage. We continue to grow and develop our sense of touch. We unearth new knowledge and greater insight. And, at this moment, the human on the table is at ease and in comfort releasing their armoring into a safe space that can hold it for them.

Many bodyworkers know this to be true inside our massage rooms. However, when we re-enter the world, somehow it is forgotten. We lose a part of our ability to receive. Every moment is an unraveling in all its imperfection and bounty. When we maintain our ability to receive this truth, we, too, can release our armoring into the Universe that will hold it for us. 

I received a Thai massage last week and it has altered the way I approach bodywork. I felt the shift in my body and my clients have taken note. I received one massage and have since been able to provide massage with some new twists – literally and figuratively, it is Thai massage after all. What we receive becomes a part of what and how we give.

Today I choose to receive equanimity and receptiveness.

Today I receive. Today I also feel the continuity between giving and receiving.