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Entry: Reflecting

Reflection can be a process of sitting back and thinking about something or mirroring to someone something that they said. We can reflect on our experiences. We can also reflect a statement that a friend made.

When we reflect on our own in terms of thinking, we often go in circles. We think of the experience, add an interpretation of it, create a story and potentially a judgment, and then come back to the experience itself.

When we are reflecting to others, it is much more dynamic. There is the parroting – repeating what they’ve said. Paraphrasing by putting it in our own words. Extrapolating by extending their idea into the future. And synergizing by combining ideas to create something better.

Massage therapy is a perfect culmination of both types of reflection. It is a personal journey of understanding and interpreting the experience of giving the massage as well as a reflection back to the client of what is felt, sensed, and spoken.

Bodywork is a synergistic experience where the interaction between massage therapist and client is greater than the sum of the individual parts. It is important to remember that what we say through our words and our hands is powerful. We are reflecting back to our client what their bodies are telling us and this can be frightening or difficult. It can also be invigorating and spiritual!

At the end of each day I reflect on my connections with those whom I’ve touched. I make a point to find the nuance in the experiences so that I have an openness when I am reflecting back to others.