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Entry: Change


A synonym for change is adapt. As external factors shift and change, the internal must adapt. The act of changing is a type of adaption to new events or circumstances. Two days after a monumental presidential election we are all called on to adapt to the many changes that have ensued.

The campaigning was rigorous and volatile. The elections were riveting and astonishing. The U.S. East Coast stayed up way past their bedtimes to follow the results. Many communities came together to vote for their truths.

This is a moment in time that has been defined by change. Change to what we thought we knew. Change to how we tend to govern ourselves. Change in how we respond to information and how we relate to our neighbors.

Character is defined by how our words and actions are reflected in the aftermath of let down or the joy of triumph. Regardless of who we vote for, how we display our values is tantamount to having a president who we hope will demonstrate them. Peace, love, equity, inclusiveness – these are all qualities we must live each day. The president is merely a figurehead who signs documents and shakes hands with leaders. We are the real voice and body of a nation.

As massage therapists, we are called on to embody these values and create space for our clients to experience change and find ways to adapt. We have a special place in their lives – we’ve got the opportunity to treat each person with the same love that only nakedness and vulnerability can illuminate. Loving, healing touch can encourage empathy and connection. In a time with this much change, what can be more beautiful than finding connection through the change?