Productivity and Self Care

Click on the image above to be taken to a post from the Freelancers Union community. Link will open in a separate window.  

Click on the image above to be taken to a post from the Freelancers Union community. Link will open in a separate window.  

As massage therapists and health practitioners we are in positions of great impact and also great responsibility. Loads of misinformation abound. Cheap cliches on how to be happy and healthy litter Facebook and Pinterest. There's no more important time than now to be in the wellness field. It is with our passion, knowledge and dedication to helping people that major strides can be taken toward creating improved quality of life on deep levels. The question is, are we currently living this? If not, why? 

Procrastination is not just about watching TV instead of finishing a project, it can become a lifestyle and mindset. 

The importance of our skill set is massive, but only if it is being utilized to the best of our abilities. Are you passionate about working with cancer patients but find yourself part time at a spa? Maybe you love sports massage but are too scared to give up that steady accounting paycheck. Are you giving 1 massage a day because 2 or more and you'd be so drained you'd live on the couch the next few days? 

There are endless scenarios where our bodywork skills are not being maximized and both ourselves and potential clients lose out. 

The solution is to assess what our procrastination style is, make small but effective changes and integrate self care into our lives. 

We suggest by starting out reading the infographic link above. The Freelancer's Union is a great source because, after all, a lot of us are wellness freelancers.

So, read the link, figure out your style and jot down a tip you'd like to work on. Then, think about what your ideal massage career would look like:

How often do you work?


Who's your client? 

What does work-life balance mean to you?

Write the answers to these questions followed by one step you need to take toward it. 

Now you know what you want, how to begin the process and, most importantly, what stops you. 

Onto the self care. Sit back, deep breath with lots of acceptance for where you are at this moment and gratitude for all your potential. Part of giving is being able to receive and unfortunately bodyworkers are known for skimping on receiving their own bodywork. Receiving regular, consistent massage is imperative to a healthy career. We all know it, but we procrastinate! Apply your new procrastination style knowledge to this same situation. Don't bury your head, wait until body meltdowns or expect someone else will tell you when and what you need. Self care is about longevity, inspiration, rejuvenation and general well-being.

The time is now. Click below to set up your next massage. Take another deep breath and consciously choose to make those strides toward making an impact as a massage therapist