The Functional Movement System (FMS)

FMS, the functional movement system, is a program that assesses and identifies asymmetries and limitations in the body’s basic musculoskeletal movement patterns. There are certain movements that the body is created to perform and when pain and or limited range of motion is present during any of these movements it is usually due to imbalances, weakness, compensation or other injuries. The FMS system uses a standardized way of testing these movements and applies corrective exercise techniques that are geared to the specific needs.

A differentiating factor between FMS and other exercise techniques is that FMS operates on the knowledge that before muscle strength can occur, optimal balance, muscle control and efficiency in movement must be present. So, we take you thru a full screening process to figure out exactly what is going on with your body.  You will be able to notice if one leg is stronger than the other, if your low back arches in compensation for your core and a multitude of other observations.

Then, after the FMS assessment is complete and we have identified areas of interest/concern or elements that need attention, we apply MFR, Myofascial Release, as a massage technique that will target the exact muscle groups responsible for these actions and movements.

FMS will provide you with observable questions to why your body responds the way it does. MFR will offer effective answers to how your body can feel great.  With the questions and answers at your fingertips, you will be able to take your Wholeself Health into your own hands. The muscle fibers are interwoven into the whole kinetic chain (the sequence of body reactions that allow movement) and it is only when we listen to its needs that we can begin to experience progress and wellbeing.