About our Sports Team

The Sports Team is an amazing group of dedicated massage therapists who have a passion for providing therapeutic bodywork to athletes. Sports Massage is an energetic and fun modality and we use this energy as we travel around to a wide array of sports events including marathons, cycling events, triathlons and various others. 

Why Should You Join?

If you have ever wanted a career that is exciting, novel, meaningful and inspiring, The Sports Team is for you!

Enjoy the benefit of turn-key events – just show up and do what you love most – massage! While at the events, you will meet lots of potential clients and have endless networking opportunities. Many MT’s walk away with cash tips and give out their business cards.

Learn how to use the FMS to enhance your injury prevention assessments and sports massage approach. This is a comprehensive tool and we partner with the FMS company to promote in depth knowledge of the body within the massage industry.

Whether you are already engaged in a full throttle Sports Massage career or if you are interested in finding out if this modality is for you, The Sports Team is an ideal setting to get your hands in the mix, literally. Meet new people, get involved with community, make some money, learn new massage techniques, be a part of a growing team and have a great time doing it! 

Apply to Join Our Team!

Hop on board! For an annual $100 fee, paid upon completion of orientation, The Sports Team will pay for itself in no time. Invest a little and receive a lot. 

As a Sports Team Member, our aim is to help you meet these goals and to act as a mentor in integrating you into the exciting world of Sports Massage. 

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