About Our Mentorship Program

Massage. Fitness. Community. We are committed to providing creative and synergistic opportunities for you to integrate these three tenets of Wholeself Health into your life.

Whether you are a student, recent graduate or seasoned professional in the wellness field, our mentorship program is designed to support you through the many phases of sustaining a career that you love.

Enjoy a variety of services that include: job and career tips/leads, resources for advancing skill set, business acuity & financial literacy education, self-care – including free massage therapy & bodytools, check-in and accountability, VIP networking opportunities, discounted entrepreneurship classes and externship opportunities for students or flexible, paid gigs for professionals.

Meet at our on-site location or we’ll come to you. Partake in group workshops or one-on-one sessions. Participate in peer-led groups as well as key note presentations. By connecting through the Mentorship Program, you are guaranteed a variety of options and tools that will foster your passion and your Wholeself Health. 


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