Massage Trade System (MTS)

As massage therapists living with integrity in our professions, receiving is a part of giving. There is a synergy between providing our best bodywork and receiving our own bodywork. When we are nourished, we have reserves to give back.

How often does someone ask you if you get massage and your answer is, 'uh, sometimes!' or, 'I started a trade but it fell through.'? Wouldn't it be nice to have a guaranteed system that provided you with as many FREE massages as you'd like? Okay, "free" is a loose term here meaning no money exchange - it's a trade. By joining the MTS, you are plugged into a diverse community of massage therapists.

Give us your bio and availability and every time you give a massage, you earn 1 credit toward your own massage. Have a slow week at work? Provide extra massage trades and save up credits for when your back is sore from a busy week. (Limit 3 credits before having to redeem)

The MTS works because we have access to lots of massage therapists and an easy-to-use interface so everyone can be in communication.   

Send your bio and contact info so we can connect.