Please join us on January 24th from 6 - 8 pm for our first Forum of 2019.

This Forum will be all about giving and receiving. We will be trying new moves, explaining our favorites, sharing all those strokes that have proven effective and indulging in an exchange of technique and presence.

Jesse Spencer will lead us in a discussion of important things we've discovered in our massage practices. Then, we'll take turns giving 20 minutes of our favorite massage strokes. We will then swap spots and our partner will attempt to give us a similar massage so we can essentially FEEL our OWN work.

We'll supply the tables. You should bring oil/creme and a set of sheets and a snack to share if you'd like. Forum Location: 100 Professional Center Drive, Suite 112, Novato.

Come ready with new eyes and a freshness of spirit to explore body work from new angles.

You are dedicated to your community. You are healing people everyday through touch and action. You are passionate about what you do and you give of yourself. Let us support you in your mission! 

Massage therapy is a powerful experience. Our mission is to create the space for you, bodyworkers, to receive as much as you give. If you are a bodyworker, we want to nourish you so you have an abundance to nourish others.

 Massage moves missionS. be moved.