Forum 13 - August 2018

The Completion Technique works with the Chinese meridians which nd at the fingers and toes. Activating the meridian will help patterns in the musculature to dissipate easier. The chi in the meridians will run long after the massage is over, allowing your client to have longer lasting results. 

When we complete something it is honoring and nurturing -- this is felt in a session and is comforting to the client.

This is a great technique o utilize hen you only have time to, just say "hello" to a body part. 

t's great for an opening move or a final move on any area.

And mostly, the completion technique feels incredible.

What we’ll cover: discuss completion, when to use the completion technique, why is it more effective than less complete strokes, the four parts to a completion stroke, and how to execute.

CE units for national licence.

Tonia Lach, The BodySong Novato