Forum 12 - July 2018

Essential Oils for Healing: Self Care & Integrating into Massage Therapy

Natural Health Solutions with a focus on healing ourselves and others physically and energetically.

Take your healing to the next level utilizing the high vibration gifts of the earth essential oils.  With this lifestyle education workshop, you will be empowered with the resources to reach wellness goals holistically and learn techniques for self-care and preventative care.

Essential Oils are 50-70 times more concentrated than herbs and a powerful healing source for you and your family Aromatically, Topically and Internally. 

Incorporate essential oils into your daily lives and practice for improved energy, elevated mood, sleep, relaxation and stress reduction, immune system support, detoxification, hormonal balance, muscle and joint aches, healthy skin and hair, digestive support and other unlimited health benefits. Come on a journey to harmonize our body's rhythms for profound healing.

Led by Elizabeth Mantia, Soulstice Spa, Sausalito