Forum 8 - March 2018

Somatica and Meditation with Padma Gordon at The Bodysong 

  • Silent meditation
  • Dropping into our bodies 
  • Sensory Tracking & witnessing practices 
  • Sharing space while being present 
  • Discussions on practical applications of meditation and maintaining boundaries 

Forum 7 - January 2018

Matrix of Healing with Rachael Angelese at The Bodysong

  • Practicing Somatic exercises
  • Learning theories on connective tissue and fascial lines
  • Experiencing of "the wave" in the body
  • Practicing spine touching, getting comfortable with palpation of vertebrae 
  • Identifying contraction patterns connected to the sympathetic nervous system
  • Educational and experiential - receiving short lecture and hands-on from Rachael 
  • Trading touch using the MOH approach

Forum 6 - December 2017

Kam Leitner, massage therapist at The BodySong

  • Functional Movement System
  • Learning key advantages of using the system to assess clients
  • Understanding functional movement patterns 
  • Adapting exercises to specific needs
  • Using the "kit" to discover our own dysfunctions and strengths
  • Practicing various FMS exercises geared toward Range of Motion improvement, using resistance bands. 

Forum 5 - November 2017

Kam Leitner, massage therapist at The SelfCare Studio 

  • Abhyanga Indian Sesame Oil Massage 
  • Learning about Marma points
  • Practicing a therapeutic breast massage approach 
  • Self care through the use of daily Abhyanga


Forum 4 - October 2017

Amy Shouse; acupuncturist at The SelfCare Studio 

  • Money Mindset of Bodyworkers 
  • Writing a "letter to money" to understand our "money story"
  • Discussions on money blocks
  • Learning about gurus who help with abundance mentality
  • Group discussion about our struggles and joys around money 
  • Book lending to research methods in generating more income from private practices
  • Covering chakra points in the body relating to money and security and how to access these points through body work


Forum 3 - September 2017


Tobi Lessem and guest Rachael Angelese at The SelfCare Studio

  • Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian Massage 
  • Native Hawaiian food - Poi, pineapple, poki 
  • Poi Poetry 
  • Kakui Nut oils 
  • Toe stone exercise to promote grounding 
  • Ho'oponono practice 
  • Hands on Lomi Lomi neck and abdominal sequence 


Forum 2 - August 2017

Tobi Lessem at The SelfCare Studio

  • Cleansing & Lymphatic Drainage
  • Organ cleansing foods
  • Lymphatic sequence including abdominal work
  • Understanding seasonal cleanses by way of Traditional Chinese Medicine 


Forum 1 - June 2017

Audrey Rouimiguiere and Ruben Rocha at The SelfCare Studio

  • Introductions, getting to know the Selfcare Studio and practitioners 
  • Learning about what practitioners want from a Forum
  • Trading massage
  • Art therapy session