Affiliated Non-Profits

A study of Marin county's 1,730 non-profit organizations reveals that there are seven nonprofit organizations for every 1,000 Marin residents. That is a higher ratio of people-to-nonprofits than exists in San Franccisco, the Bay Area or the state of California. The study concludes that the nonprofit sector is a considerable force in the economy. This is great news! And our goal is to leverage the power of existing nonprofits for the greatest good. This is where you come in to play. 

Every dollar generated at our sports and community events provides 2% toward our affiliated non-profits. Our events are a tool for social change. From the treatment of our massage therapists to the clients receiving excellent massage and the non-profits benefiting from the raised funds, our chair massage is a seat of power. Power for good!

Feel free to donate on your own as well, simply click on the organizations above and you will be directed to donation pages. Keep your receipts! For every dollar you donate, you will receive credits toward Wholeself Health services.