About Us


Massage Moves Missions. Be Moved.

Wholeself Health was created as a container for bodyworkers and entrepreneurs to discover and realize their greatest missions.

Bodyworkers; you heal us, you nourish us, you are light in this world.

Entrepreneurs; you are creative force, you engage us, you are energy in this world.

Combined, you are limitless and you can be moved to live your mission.

We are here to help that movement. Whether there are blocks in the body that feel like knots, blocks in the mind that feel like  procrastination or fear, or blocks in the spirit that feel like disconnect, Wholeself Health wants to provide movement to achieve optimal health and well-being.

We see the intersection of bodywork and entrepreneurship as an integral part of our society. Healers, seeing yourselves as entrepreneurs can create greater vision and opportunity for your own success. Entrepreneurs, noticing where you could use healing can create robust and mindful communities. We need one another.

Come to Wholeself Health for the massage therapy - healthy touch, a therapeutic approach, science-based modalities, and on-going care and support. Stay for the community, relationships, and engagement.

Trigger point work, myofascial therapy, and somatic healing form the foundation of my bodywork. Accessing physical manifestations as well as psychological and emotional roots, we work together to relieve pain, increase self-awareness, and enhance quality of life.

Only when the body is in a state of ease can our minds function optimally. Massage therapy, fitness, and mentorship can provide an excellent pathway toward living the life you want - health and guidance go a long way. I want to help you turn your practice into a passion that nourishes your wholeself.     


Tobi Lessem - Owner

Tobi Lessem - Owner

Meet our Voice - Angela lyons

Hello! We've never met, but you've heard and seen my words. I'm responsible for Wholeself Health's online presence and more. I love being part of a business that cares so much about the community it supports and each person in it. 

In my spare time, I read a lot, explore Montana and try to get outside as often as possible.  


Meet our Owner - Tobi Lessem

I am a certified massage therapist with a background in fitness training and health education. I work everyday on combining my desire to bring goodness to people with my love of bodywork. I find that by combining massage therapy, a balanced fitness routine, some healthy feedback and dialogue with people, and being involved in helping the community, I am at my ultimate best and feel amazing. 

This is why I have built Wholeself Health. I want to offer to as many people as possible the opportunity to integrate health into their lives in a format that feels great and IS great for everyone involved.